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New York City Fire Escapes

Keep Those Fire Escapes in Working Condition

New York City building owners with outside fire escapes have two choices regarding these external means of egress: keep them maintained or remove them. Fire escapes are a classic feature of New York City architecture, romanticized in books, plays and…

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Risk Management for Building Owners

Building ownership, particularly for landlords, comes with inherent risks of loss. That's why it's especially important for owners of rental properties to have liability insurance as part of their risk management strategy. Beyond insurance, this article offers other best practices…

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Common Directors and Officers Liability Claims

Why do you need directors and officers liability insurance? Here are a few examples of common directors and officers liability claims.While no one likes to think about lawsuits (except for perhaps litigation attorneys), they are a fact of life -…

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Transfer Building Ownership Liability

Reducing Personal Liability: Does Your Corporation Qualify?

  To reduce their personal liability exposure, many building owners hold their properties through a business entity, such as a partnership or limited liability company. However, simply forming a corporate entity and transferring ownership does not automatically protect personal assets.…

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