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Worried about dying? Check out the odds


Do you worry about getting struck by lightning? Chances are, we’re more likely to die in everyday situations.

Have you ever worried about dying in a plane crash? Maybe you fear electrocution, or you’re concerned about firearm assault.

According to the National Safety Council, a nonprofit organization committed to making the world safer at work, in homes and communities, Americans tend to worry about the wrong things when it comes to dying.

The organization recently published an infographic that illustrates the statistical averages of dying from various causes. The top three causes of death – and their associated odds – didn’t make the graphic (although they’re included in this chart):

  1. Heart disease and cancer (1 in 7)
  2. Chronic lower respiratory disease (1 in 28)
  3. Intentional self-harm (1 in 100)

The bottom line: we’re more likely to be killed by everyday things like falls and car accidents than by plane crashes or insect stings.

The above odds are statistical averages for the U.S. population and do not reflect an individual’s specific odds of dying from a particular external cause, which depends upon each person’s activities, occupation, where he or she lives and drives, etc.

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