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City Building Owners Insurance Program is open and continues to conduct business as usual. Call Us 877-576-5200

Free, no-obligation building insurance quote

When you contact Stu for a free insurance quote for your building, you’ll also get a free risk-management and cost-control analysis, as well as a review of your existing coverage. All of that, plus the deep expertise that comes from Stu’s 40+ years of experience.

Talk to Stu today. Call toll-free (877) 576-5200 for a no-obligation review and quote or fill out the quick form below and we’ll get back to you quickly.


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City Building Owners Insurance

293 Route 100, Suite 109
Somers, NY 10589

Phone: 877-576-5200

Stu is cordial. He is professional. He’s patient. No question to him is an ignorant question. You feel like you are being represented by an individual that has your property or your business at heart. For most business owners your business is your life. You want to protect that as much as possible, and he makes you feel you are being protected.  He also lets you know about new laws in the (real estate) industry and that’s very, very helpful. On each policy he saved me at least $500 and I got more coverage. And I got the earthquake insurance that I’ve been requesting (of other brokers) for the last past ten years!  I even got that included to the policy.”

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