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New A+ Insurer Arrives in New York City Area: Discount Rates, Free Financing

A new player in the New York City market is offering sizable discounts for residential buildings like yours. Provide a current loss-run report with at least a three-year history, and we’ll help you get the right coverage at the best price.

As an added bonus, this discount program offers free monthly financing, with as little as 10% down.

Similar to good driver discounts for auto insurance, a new insurance program in the New York City area is offering reduced premiums for building owners with clean loss records. Plus, owners of qualifying buildings can take advantage of free monthly financing for as little as 10% down.

Each policy also comes with a guarantee of personal service. We make house calls to apartment buildings like yours. And we’re with you every step of the way if you have a claim.

Our typical client receives equal or better coverage at savings of 15-25%, often by replacing a “one size fits all” policy with custom coverage.

Recent Success Stories

Saved $1,621

was $9,022 at Great American
now $7,401 with City Building Owners Insurance

Saved $3,462

was $15,124 at Nationwide
now $11,663 with City Building Owners Insurance

Saved $1,083

was $9,670 at Quincy Mutual
now $8,587 with City Building Owners Insurance

Saved $4,705

was $7,700 at Travelers
now $2,995 with City Building Owners Insurance

Use your clean record to qualify for lower insurance premiums and interest-free financing.

Every building, every owner… every residential building insurance policy is different

NYC Brownstone Insurance CoverageEven two identical brick homes, side by side, may need different insurance. Only you can balance the coverage, costs and risks to find the best combination. We’ll help you make a well-informed decision.

Here’s how we make sure you get the exact coverage you need:

  • Consult with you and research your building’s history and other details to identify your needs
  • Educate you about all of your options
  • Manage the application and inspection process
  • Make all arrangements with lenders and former insurance companies
  • Provide ongoing support and answers
  • Periodically review your coverage to ensure you’re getting the right insurance at the best price

The service you deserve

Along with the best coverage at the absolute lowest cost,  you can expect:

  • An up-to-date risk profile that includes all safety-related improvements
  • Review of your building valuations on a regular basis
  • Help in understanding insurance jargon, like co-insurance, actual cash value and replacement cost
  • Review of current rent rolls to manage your loss of rents exposure
  • Identification and ongoing review of high-risk areas to make sure your insurance program remains right for you as your needs change
  • Customer service levels to rave about

Nobody Beats Our Rates

We are building owner advocates. We will make sure you understand your responsibilities and we understand your needs. We’ll explain every aspect of your residential building insurance so you’re not under- or over-insured.

“Stu actually came to the house. He felt we were underinsured. Despite bringing all the coverages up to a better level, we still ended up with a big savings on our premium.”

“The bigger insurance companies will ship the policy out, but Stu works with people like me. He delves deeper, and we figure out the best way to go. We saved between 10 and 40%, depending on the building.”

For the fact that I met him personally; I never met any of these other brokers I’ve been doing business with in real estate. That’s the biggest difference, I guess, the personal service that he normally gives.”

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