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Insurance Services

Office and residential building owners throughout the New York City area turn to Stu Cohen not only for his 40 years of experience insuring the real estate industry. They also trust Stu to find the best coverage for the best price because he’s done it consistently for customers year after year. He and his team help property owners get the exact coverage they need and continuously monitors the policies to make sure his customers receive the best value. In fact, City Building Owners Insurance recently expanded their services to include business insurance due to popular demand.

Whether you own a residential building, office building or a small business, Stu can save you money on your insurance policies without having to sacrifice coverage.

Residential and Mixed-Use

Whether you own apartment buildings, mixed-use buildings, co-op or condo buildings, we can find the best residential building insurance for you. We’ll even visit your location to make sure you get the absolute best coverage for your specific property.

Office and Other, Non-Residential
Building Owners

From medical office buildings in the Bronx to commercial lofts in Manhattan, owners of non-residential buildings all receive the same attentive service and the best coverage at the best price. We specialize in getting owners the exact coverage they need and nothing more.


Each business is different. That’s why we help business owners find the right policy for their unique needs, offer ongoing support, and ensure the right levels of protection. Plus, our business insurance policies support cash flow with interest-free financing.

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