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Better Protection, Lower Premiums

We hope you’re finding the New York Area Landlord Guide helpful. If so, take the next step, and let us review your landlord insurance policy. Half our clients save money without reducing coverage. The rest get better coverage for similar costs.
Bottom line: You can’t lose. Either you’ll find out how you can save money and/or improve your protection, or you can rest easy, knowing you’ve already got the right coverage at the best price.

Protect your real estate investment and your income. Request a customized quote for landlord insurance that includes the following:


Full replacement costs

Pays the amount required to repair or replace the damaged property today, without deducting for depreciation


Liability protection

Covers legal and medical costs if a tenant or visitor is injured on the property and sues you


Loss of rents

Replaces up to 12 months of rental income if a covered peril forces tenants to vacate the premises


Ordinance or law

Provides additional funds to pay for the cost of complying with current construction codes


Water backup

Protects against water backup from the sewer system in your building (a common problem in NYC!)

As an independent broker, we recommend the insurance company and policy that best meets your needs, at the best price.

What Our Clients Say

Stu gave us good premiums, good coverage, and he was able to sit down and tell me what coverage I needed and what I didn’t. We’ve been with Stu for three years now, and pricing has remained consistent. I’ve saved at least 20%. I’m very happy with Stu, and I told him he can’t retire.

Thank you very, very much for the great deal. When we learned our insurer was abandoning the market, the immediate thought was “big increase.” Instead, we are getting a much better price for the same coverage.

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