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Landlord / Building Owner Articles

Tips To Freshen Rental

How to Beautify a Property (While Staying Within Budget)

As a landlord or rental property manager, deciding on updates to attract new renters can be difficult—especially now, with higher costs for both labor and materials. Property improvements like plumbing…

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Benefits Of Having A Property Manager

Hiring a Property Manager in the Greater New York City Area

Owning and renting properties can be a lucrative business endeavor but remains a serious undertaking, regardless of location. An overwhelming amount of time and energy often goes into learning the…

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Building Security

7 Ways to Improve Building Safety and Security

As a building owner, you want to keep your building and your tenants safe. But in a world of increasing crime rates, it can be difficult. Many things can happen,…

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Selling Your Commercial Building

Preparing Your Commercial Building for Sale

You’ve decided it’s time to sell your commercial building. Whether you own an apartment building, office space, an industrial/manufacturing facility, or some other commercial property, follow these tips to maximize…

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