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Customer Testimonials

We’re thrilled to hear from our clients! Read what people are saying about our homeowner insurance and building owner / landlord insurance coverage programs.

“Angela went well beyond what was asked of her to help me. I was in tears when I called because I needed to solve a sudden predicament with my mortgage company regarding the refinancing process, which was strangely intertwined with my existing home insurance plan. She understood where the error was when nobody else had. I couldn’t have asked for better assistance and for a more compassionate person at a time I needed it the most.

“We received a letter from the bank asking for proof of insurance coverage; at a loss of what to do, I turned to Amy Walker, and she took it from there. Friendly and prompt service is not a common feature, so I want to acknowledge the exception.”

Let me know when you’re going to retire because that’s when I’m going to sell my buildings.

Stu gave us good premiums, good coverage, and he was able to sit down and tell me what coverage I needed and what I didn’t. We’ve been with Stu for three years now, and pricing has remained consistent. I’ve saved at least 20%. I’m very happy with Stu, and I told him he can’t retire.

Thank you very, very much for the great deal. When we learned our insurer was abandoning the market, the immediate thought was “big increase.” Instead, we are getting a much better price for the same coverage. Excellent!

As a long-time customer, I have never had the kind of service from an insurance agency as I have from your personnel. They are industrious, knowledgeable and have gone far above any expectation someone would have, all in a professional and congenial manner. There aren’t enough superlatives to adequately describe your office and the people who work there.

We have been with Stu Cohen’s insurance agency for our home for many years. We are so happy with them. They saved us a lot of money with much better coverage.

One thing that sets Stu Cohen apart is the fact that I met him personally. I never met any of these other brokers I’ve been doing business with in real estate. That’s the biggest difference—the personal service that he normally gives.

The bigger insurance companies will give their attention to somebody who’s got 200 units. So a guy like me, they’re just going to ship the policy out. Stu works with people like me, so he can sort of delve deeper… Other people say, “I like my broker, and I send him a check.” But Stu is better for me because we can really hash it out over a day or two.

Thank you for your exceptional customer service. I want you to know that my husband and I appreciate all you do. Not only do you answer all our questions and concerns thoroughly and promptly but also managed to save us money on our auto insurance by reviewing our policy. Always a pleasure calling your office!

I want to apologize again for moving these [policies] last year. The few dollars we saved was in no way worth the excellent service you always provided.  Your customer service was exemplary. We look forward to working with you again and will refer all our business your way.

I hope you know how fortunate you are as a business owner to have Angela as your employee. She is beyond excellent. She is superb, outstanding, efficient, honest, and on the ball. If only everybody would do their jobs as well. She is a great asset.

Whenever I have a question or issue, someone is always helpful, courteous, and focused on problem-solving.

You are one of the greatest people I have ever dealt with. You will never lose me!

Thank you for my insurance package. I’m so pleased that I’m on a mission to tell my friends and family of my great savings!

Thank you, Diana. You are a great model to uphold for excellence in work integrity.

Excellent. Thank you very much for your help, Diana. You were extremely helpful in helping me buy insurance for the first time!

Thanks a million! Delighted with my new insurance agent. I shall recommend you to everyone I know.

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