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Homeowner Articles

Combating Porch Pirates

How to Protect Yourself from Porch Pirates

The fanciful name hides an ever-growing crime. Porch pirates are stealing an increasing number of packages from, well, porches, stoops, vestibules, lobbies and doorsteps. In New York City alone, according…

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Homeowner Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall Maintenance Checklist: 14 Tasks to Prepare Your Home for Winter 

Spending a day or two this fall on a few annual maintenance tasks can help prevent common winter emergencies like home heating system breakdowns, roof leaks, and burst pipes.  Complete…

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Water Safety Tips

A Homeowner’s Guide to Water Heater Safety

  Water heaters are often forgotten as they sit in a utility closet, basement or garage until they break down and leave residents without hot water. Neglecting a water heater…

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