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Affordable, Customized Homeowners Insurance

Overpaying on your homeowners insurance in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut?

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Reduced Insurance Premiums, Improved Protection

Half our new clients get the same coverage they had before, but they pay much less. The other half receive even better coverage for a similar premium.

For 45 years, we’ve made sure that homeowners like you have the best policy for them. Not the policy that’s best for your neighbor or best friend. Not the policy from the company with the funniest commercials.

Contact us for a free policy review, and see why more than 90% of our clients stay with us year after year.


Enjoy peace of mind with a customized homeowners insurance policy that includes the following coverage:*


Full replacement costs

Pays the amount required to repair or replace property, without deducting for depreciation


Liability protection

Covers legal and medical costs if a visitor is injured on the property and sues you


Ordinance or law

Provides additional funds to pay for the cost of complying with current construction codes


Service lines

Covers excavation and repair of damaged service lines connecting your home to public utilities


Water backup

Protects against water backup in your home from sewer or septic lines

* Specific coverages can vary by company.

As an independent broker, we work for you. We recommend the insurance company and policy that best meets your needs at the best price.

What Our Clients Say

Everyone I’ve worked with at City Building Owners Insurance are extremely knowledgeable, kind, patient and trustworthy. They are helpful and absolutely wonderful. I would highly recommend them as the go-to agency for insurance.

I can only say hail Mary. This company has wonderful customer service, and Angela has made it easier to sleep at night! The response time and the affordable price is a match made in heaven. Thank you, guys.

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