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Top 10 Homeowners Insurance Mistakes

Common mistakes to avoid with homeowners insurance

These 10 insurance mistakes can cost you

Unfortunately, many people don’t find out they have the wrong homeowner’s insurance until they need to use it.

And then it’s too late.

This free download will help you become a better-informed homeowner and save you from making an expensive mistake. You’ll learn:

  • When you need flood insurance (even if you’re nowhere near the water)
  • Why you shouldn’t even think about market value when buying insurance
  • Why you should tell your insurance agent right away if you get a dog
  • The right and wrong way to renew your insurance policy
  • And more

Save thousands of dollars on homeowners insurance. This download will only take a few minutes to read.

Based on 45 years of experience as an independent insurance agent and broker, we’ve put together the top 10 insurance mistakes you want to avoid. This free download also includes a handy insurance checklist that will tell you in minutes whether your policy is giving you the protection you need.

About City Building Owners Insurance

Independent insurance agent and founder of City Building Owners Insurance Program, Stuart (Stu) Cohen is one of the premier insurance brokers for insuring small buildings in the greater New York City area and New Jersey. He leads the Somers Agency in Somers, N.Y., as a licensed insurance agent, broker and consultant in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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