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NYC Homeowners Can Save on Water and Sewer Line Protection

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Most homeowners don’t realize they’re responsible for repairing water and sewer lines leading to their homes. Our carriers offer significant savings for NYC homeowners on water and sewer line protection.

Earlier this year, The New York Times reported that New York City was asking residents in Brooklyn and Queens to reduce water use during rainstorms. The voluntary text messaging program notified participants when to cut back on water usage to protect the city’s waterways. Recommended actions included postponing laundry and dishes, taking shorter showers . . . and even waiting to flush the toilet.

The program was designed to curb the challenge of New York’s ancient infrastructure. In roughly 60% of the city’s sewer system, the same pipe collects both rainwater and sewage.

The risks associated with older pipes can hit closer to home. Literally.

Homeowner Protection for Water and Sewer Lines

While New York City maintains its water and sewage system, homeowners are responsible for the lines that run from the exterior of their property to the service lines in the street. Standard homeowners’ insurance policies exclude such repairs, which can cost thousands of dollars.

To bridge this gap, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) offers a water and sewer service line protection program to customers. DEP provides this voluntary protection through a partnership with American Water Resources (AWR).

Eligible properties include residential properties and mixed-use properties with single or multi-family dwellings that are:

  • Metered with a wireless meter reading device installed
  • Billed in flat-rate or metered charges
  • Current on DEP charges or agreed payment
  • Equipped with a single service line no larger than 2″ in diameter

The current rates through AWR are $4.49/month for water line protection and $8.47/month for sewer line protection. Total coverage for both water and sewer line protection runs to $155.52 for one full year.

Or . . . you could call our office at 877-576-5200. Some of our carriers now include this same water and sewer line protection in their homeowners’ policies for about $37, a savings of 76.2%

Do you have the right homeowners’ insurance protection at the best price? Call us at 877-576-5200 for a complimentary policy review.

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