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FDNY Fire Safety Requirements for Landlords

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This article summarizes fire safety requirements for landlords and building owners in New York City.

To help protect New Yorkers, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) requires landlords to post and distribute certain fire safety and emergency preparedness documents. The requirements apply to multiple dwellings in New York City, those with 3 or more residential units.

Below is a summary of fire safety requirements for New York City building owners and landlords.

  • New York City building owners must post the Building Information Form in the lobby or mailbox area.
  • Owners are also required to post a FEP/Fire Safety Notice—specific to Non-Combustible Construction or Combustible Construction, as applicable—in the following locations:
    • A common area, conspicuously located near mailboxes or, if there is no common mailbox area, in or near elevators or the main stairway
    • The inside surface of the front door for each dwelling unit
  • In addition, owners need to post a Close the Door Notice in “conspicuous locations” in every residential building. The sign reminds residents to close all doors behind them when escaping a fire.
  • The Fire Safety Guide has been replaced with a Fire and Emergency Preparedness Guide (FEP Guide), titled NYC Apartment Building Emergency Preparedness Guide. Building owners must distribute the guide, along with the building information form above, to building residents at the time of occupancy and every three years as part of a building-wide distribution.
  • Every year, owners also need to distribute the Fire and Emergency Preparedness Annual Bulletin, updated by FDNY.

The FEP Guide and Fire Safety Notices are available in other languages on the FDNY website.

Building Information Updates

Building owners must update the Building Information Form to reflect any material change in building conditions. For instance, if the sprinkler system coverage changes, the owner must take the following actions within 60 days:

  • Amend and replace the posted notice
  • Distribute the revised notice to all residents and employees

As a reminder, owners must completely fill out the notice before posting or distributing.

FEP Guide Distribution

FDNY allows email distribution of the FEP Guide, either as a link or attachment, in addition to hand-delivery and first-class mail. However, landlords can only email residents if they have:

  • Provided an email address for the purpose of receiving building-related communications OR
  • Provided written consent to receive the guide electronically OR
  • Participate in any other form of electronic communication established by the owner for all building residents

Building owners must also abide by the following conditions:

  • Deliver or mail the guide if the email bounces back
  • Re-transmit the guide upon request by the resident
  • Provide a printed copy of the guide to any resident upon request
  • Notify residents of the right to receive a printed copy in any email transmission of the guide
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For more details on fire safety requirements, you can see the full text of the regulations online. For questions about your building insurance, please call our office at 877-576-5200.

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