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Christmas Tree Disposal Options for New Yorkers

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Residents of the five boroughs can learn about available options for disposing of Christmas trees and wreaths.

As fun and festive as the holiday season tends to be, the post-holiday cleanup is never fun. And disposing of a Christmas tree is often one of the most daunting aspects of the season’s end. Fortunately, most municipalities try to make this chore as easy for residents as possible, and New York is no exception. If you live in the five boroughs, here are your options for disposing of a Christmas tree—including the artificial variety.

New York City Christmas Tree Collection

For residents of Brooklyn and Queens, the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) will pick up CLEAN (free from decorations!) trees and wreaths with other composting on regularly scheduled Curbside Composting collection days.

All other New York City residents—Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island—should bring clean Christmas trees and wreaths to the curb. DSNY will collect trees and wreaths separately from trash and recycling, between Friday, January 5, 2024, through Saturday, January 13, 2024, weather permitting.

To prepare a tree or wreath for collection:

  • Remove all lights, ornaments and tinsel.
  • Remove stands from trees and metal frames and wires from wreaths.
  • Do NOT wrap the greenery in plastic or place it in a plastic bag.
  • Leave trees and wreaths at the curb during the collection period, January 5 through 13.

Recycling Greenery for a Greener City

DSNY processes holiday greenery into compost for the city’s parks, institutions and community gardens.

For New Yorkers who’d like more active involvement in beautifying the city, the DSNY website encourages residents to make their own mulch.

  • Cut off the smaller branches of Christmas trees and remove twigs from evergreen boughs.
  • Lay these trimmings, 3 to 4 inches deep, over the bare soil surrounding street trees (or in a private garden). ·
  • Take what’s left of the tree to MulchFest or leave it out for collection.

Artificial Tree Disposal

For artificial trees that have reached the end of their usefulness, New Yorkers can recycle the base and trunk by placing them with metal, glass, plastic and cartons on recycling day. Again, all lights, ornaments and tinsel should be removed first.

DSNY will also collect artificial trees as garbage on regular collection days.

We hope you’re enjoying this celebratory time of year.

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