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preventing basement floods

Keep Your Basement Dry with These Tips

Nothing strikes terror into a homeowner’s heart like coming home to water flooding the basement. Unfortunately, climate change has made basement floods increasingly common. It’s not only a pain to clean up, but a flooded basement can damage or destroy…

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protect against water damage

Protect Your Home Against Water Damage

When buying homeowners insurance, it’s tempting to decline coverage against water damage. If your home’s plumbing is in good condition—and you don’t live in a flood plain—you might think it’s a good idea to spend that money elsewhere. But every…

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flood insurance coverage

Can Your Homeowners Insurance Weather Storm Season?

When the remnants of Hurricane Ida struck the Northeast, many property owners discovered that their homeowners’ insurance excluded damage caused by floodwaters. Both coastal flooding—overflow of inland or tidal waters—and flash flooding—rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters—require special flood…

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