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insurance discounts for security cameras

Will Security Cameras Lower My Insurance Premiums?

Clients frequently ask us whether security cameras in their buildings will reduce their insurance premiums. Unfortunately, the answer is “no.” The sad fact is that too many business owners have tried to cut corners with fake security cameras, or by…

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increasing insurance premiums

Common Misconceptions About Insurance Premium Increases

Insurance providers look at many factors when determining what rate and coverage to offer at renewal. The inherent complexity of the insurance industry can leave property owners confused about the variables that increase their insurance premiums. Some factors will always…

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Things to consider when choosing smart home technology

How to Choose Smart Home Technology

Thanks to technology, homes are getting smarter. From another room or from halfway across the world, an app can turn lights off and on, change the temperature, warn about a leaking pipe, or monitor the movements of a delivery person.…

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