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FAQs on New York City Basement Apartments

Illegal basement apartments are among the most common infractions here in New York. Based on our site traffic, many building owners and tenants have questions about the legality of basement apartments. Following are frequently asked questions concerning these subterranean spaces.…

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NYC landlords sidewalk maintenance

Sidewalk Liability for New York City Landlords

The sidewalks around your building may belong to New York City. But the responsibility for maintenance and sidewalk liability belong to you. In fact, underwriters report that sidewalk-related injuries are the leading liability claim against New York City landlords. We’ve…

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mold prevention

A Building Owner’s Guide to Mold Prevention

With mold exposure linked to several adverse health effects and symptoms, mold prevention is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. In fact, horror stories abound of people who have been forced from their homes because of toxic mold. The…

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