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NYC annual notice reminder

New Year Checklist for New York City Landlords

For landlords in New York City, the New Year triggers certain responsibilities—most notably, the annual notice requirement. Even for property owners outside the five boroughs, these simple tasks can provide proper protection and peace of mind in the months to…

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Landlord Tips for Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

Whether out in public or around the home, slips, trips and falls are a common—and often preventable—source of injuries and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a combination of physical health factors, including poor balance…

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winter heat requirements

New York City’s Heat Season Rules for Landlords

New York City requires building owners to provide tenants with heat and hot water. Heat requirements go into effect during “Heat Season,” while hot water must be provided year-round, 24 hours a day, at a constant minimum temperature of 120°…

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NYC Landlord Building Maintenance

A Guide to Landlord Responsibilities in New York City

Owners of residential apartment buildings in New York City have certain landlord responsibilities for maintenance and safety. Many of these responsibilities are outlined in multiple codes and laws, including the New York City Housing Maintenance Code (HMC) and New York…

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mix use buildings in NYC

A Guide to Insuring Mixed-Use Buildings

Owners of small buildings in New York City face a number of insurance challenges. But for owners of mixed-use buildings - those properties with commercial space on the ground floor and residential units above - commercial building insurance can get…

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NYC Landlords Pest Control

Pest Control Responsibilities for NYC Landlords

The summer months often conjure thoughts of picnics, sporting events, and lazy days at the beach. But the warm weather also brings more roaches and rodents, the most common unwanted inhabitants in New York City buildings, indoors.   Many people,…

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