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Protect Your Home or Business from Rain Damage

Rain Damage to Ceiling
Although most home and commercial policies cover rain damage, owners must maintain the property to ensure coverage.

Your home or commercial building is insured against rain and rain damage, right? If the roof leaks or the rain causes water damage for some other reason, most owners assume their policy will cover it.

In reality, many property insurance policies do not cover water damage resulting from lack of maintenance, wear and tear, etc. Check your policy documents to understand “covered perils,” or contact your insurance partner to discuss your coverage.

As in most cases, it’s better to avoid rain damage in the first place. Preparation and maintenance can protect your personal and/or commercial property from water damage caused by heavy rainfall.

Protect your property from rain damage

These checks should be part of your fall maintenance schedule.

Give the rain somewhere to go besides your building

  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Adjust gutters and downspouts to channel water away from the building
  • Trim trees

Prevent leaks

  • Inspect roofs, including vents and skylights
  • Secure wall and rooftop air conditioners
  • Double-check caulking and weather stripping

Check drainage

  • Test sump pumps quarterly
  • Inspect and clean storm drains

Check for signs of water damage

Finally, look for early warning signs that water is getting in. Dampness and peeling paint or wallpaper mean that water is coming in from somewhere.

One easy way to spot potential problems early is to install water detection devices in key areas, such as near the furnace/HVAC system, water heater, and sump pump. Your insurance company may even offer these devices at little or no cost. Once set up, they can alert your smartphone as soon as water is detected, potentially saving you from major damage and expenses.

There’s no way to prevent rain. But there are many ways to keep it where it belongs: outside.

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