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Landlord / Building Owner Articles

Landlord Benefits From Eco-friendly Appliances And Green Changes

Landlord Benefits of Eco-Friendly Appliances (and Other Green Changes)

Your apartment units will eventually need new appliances. You may be tempted to replace them with garden-variety, low- to mid-priced devices to save money and keep rents low. But consider…

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Charging A Hoverboard With Fire Extinguisher Nearby

FDNY Annual Bulletin Addresses Risks of Lithium-Ion Batteries

By Thanksgiving, more than 200 structural fires related to e-bikes and other lithium-ion batteries took place in New York City. Fourteen people died and 116 were injured in these blazes,…

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Apartment Cleaning Tips

6 Pro Tips for Cleaning Apartment Units Between Tenants

Sure, when tenants move out, they are supposed to leave behind a clean apartment. But apartment building owners know the reality all too well—either nothing gets cleaned or the cleaning…

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Stay Compliant NYC Gas Leak Notice Requirements

Stay Compliant: NYC Gas Leak Notice Requirements for Building Owners

New York City requires building owners and landlords to notify tenants of procedures to follow if they suspect a gas leak. The notification requirement applies to all tenant-occupied dwellings, including…

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Winter Heat Requirements

New York City’s Heat Season Rules for Landlords

New York City requires building owners to provide tenants with heat and hot water. Heat requirements go into effect during “Heat Season,” while hot water must be provided year-round, 24…

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