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Flood Insurance Coverage

Can Your Homeowners Insurance Weather Storm Season?

When the remnants of Hurricane Ida struck the Northeast, many property owners discovered that their homeowners’ insurance excluded damage caused by floodwaters. Both coastal flooding—overflow of inland or tidal waters—and flash flooding—rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters—require special flood…

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Property Maintenance Recommendations

Housekeeping, Maintenance & Your Insurance Policy

There’s not much excitement for most landlords, property managers and building owners when it comes to routine housekeeping and maintenance. But there’s an excellent reason why you should care about housekeeping and maintenance: your insurance company does. And so do…

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Umbrella Policy For NYC Building Owners

Do you need an umbrella policy for a rainy day?

Once you've found the right commercial property coverage for your residential building, the final item you should consider is an umbrella policy, sometimes known as an excess liability policy. This type of insurance policy provides additional protection in the event…

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Association Directors And Officers Legal Fees

How to Choose Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

In our litigious society, association boards and property managers need to protect themselves against legal action. Consider the following examples of actual disputes: One association board spent $1 million defending itself against a resident allegation that a special assessment was…

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Does The Property Deed Match The Policy Name?

Does Your Insurance Policy Match the Property Deed?

Does the name on your insurance policy match the name on your property deed? This might sound like a trick question. Unfortunately, it’s a situation that we’ve encountered a couple of times. Property deeds and persnickety policies Consider the fictional…

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