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shopping for homeowners insurance

A Guide to Shopping for Homeowners Insurance

You’re excited to remove the “For Sale” sign at your new home or condo. A bit less exciting is selecting the right homeowners’ insurance for your new property. Choosing the right policy to protect your home is invaluable in the…

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A Guide to Fallen Trees and Insurance Claims

Your neighbor’s tree falls on your house or car. Or it’s your tree and your neighbor’s house or car. Or maybe the tree doesn’t fall, but a storm blows a branch through your window. Your tree, your problem? Your neighbor’s…

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Update Your Property Insurance

7 Signs You Need to Update Your Property Insurance

Most people don’t think about their property insurance until something happens. But when was the last time you made sure your coverage was up to date? It’s far more painful to review your policies after a tragedy strikes. Here are…

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Why you should care about your insurance company rating

Why You Need to Know Your Insurance Company Rating

Before purchasing a policy, you’ll want to make sure that the insurance company you choose will be able to pay you after a claim is approved. Insurance company ratings are expert assessments of a provider's financial strength. You can use…

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differences between homeowner insurance and building insurance

Homeowner Insurance and Building Insurance: Key Differences

People ask us all the time, what's the difference between homeowner insurance and building insurance? The answer typically comes down to whether you're insuring your primary residence or whether you need landlord insurance. Primary residence or commercial property? At many…

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mix use buildings in NYC

A Guide to Insuring Mixed-Use Buildings

Owners of small buildings in New York City face a number of insurance challenges. But for owners of mixed-use buildings - those properties with commercial space on the ground floor and residential units above - commercial building insurance can get…

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NYS Insurance Guidelines / Social Media

Could Social Media Raise Your Insurance Premiums?

When you post photos of your new home addition on Facebook or Instagram, tweet about your vacation, or upload videos of your puppy to TikTok, Snapchat, and other social media sites, it isn’t just your friends and family watching. It…

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what to do before filling landlord insurance claim

How and When to File a Landlord Insurance Claim

Landlord insurance protects building owners from financial loss due to property damage or liability claims. At City Building Owners Insurance, we help owners of apartment buildings, brownstones, and condominium and co-op building obtain the right insurance coverage at the best price. That…

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