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What Landlord Insurance Do I Need

What Insurance Does a Landlord Need?

What insurance does a landlord need? This article covers both basic landlord insurance and optional coverage you may want to consider. If you’re considering renting out your property and you’re not planning on living there, chances are, your homeowner’s insurance…

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Mixed-use Building Insurance In New York City

A Guide to Insuring Mixed-Use Buildings

Owners of small buildings in New York City face a number of insurance challenges. But for owners of mixed-use buildings - those properties with commercial space on the ground floor and residential units above - commercial building insurance can get…

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Building Owners Risk Investment With Unmaintained Sewer Pipes

Sewer Backup Coverage: A Building Owner’s Friend

If you've received our postcards, you may have noticed that our policies include sewer backup coverage. That's because backed-up sewers can cause a great deal of damage to floors, walls, furniture and electrical systems. Most insurance companies offer sewer backup…

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2020 Insurance Fraud Hall Of Shame

2020 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame

Falsely accusing restaurants and grocery stores of sickening their family for six-figure insurance payouts. Recruiting homeless people to stage accidents to collect big payouts. Insurance scammers are nothing if not inventive. But whether they burned down old houses they claimed…

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Coinsurance For Building Owners

Coinsurance: What It Is & Why You Don’t Want It

A coinsurance clause typically appears in the "Conditions" section of an insurance policy. If you're short on time, here's the bottom line: you don't want it. Coinsurance can take many forms in the insurance world. The general concept is that…

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