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A Guide to Insuring Mixed-Use Buildings

When shopping for investment opportunities in the New York City area, prospective building owners often encounter mixed-use properties. These buildings combine commercial and residential space, and they’re found throughout the five boroughs and the surrounding area. Mixed-use properties can range…

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keeping homeowners insurance updated

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Homeowners Insurance

Spring has officially arrived. Daylight Saving Time has returned. And as the weather turns warmer, many people are taking part in the ritual of spring cleaning. This practice often involves archiving and/or disposing of old documents, particularly as Americans gather…

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making a home inventory list

5 Steps to a Home Inventory

Do you have an up-to-date home inventory? If not, you’re not alone: According to a 2023 Insurance Information Institute (III)/Munich Re Consumer Survey, only 47% of homeowners reported having such an inventory. All homeowners should have this important tool, for…

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homeowners insurance coverage

How Much Homeowners Insurance Do I Need?

How much homeowners insurance should you get? If you say, “I paid this much for my house, so that’s how much insurance I need,” you should know that how the market values your home differs dramatically from how an insurance…

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