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CO Poisoning Prevention

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

You can’t see it. You can’t smell it. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that can invade almost any home or vehicle without warning. Every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 430 people…

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How Long Major Appliances And Home Components Usually Last

When to Budget for Major Home Expenses

How long is your roof going to last? When should you budget for a new furnace? How much should you expect to spend on repairs and maintenance every year? What will insurance cover? Every situation is different, and the averages…

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2020 Insurance Fraud Hall Of Shame

2020 Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame

Falsely accusing restaurants and grocery stores of sickening their family for six-figure insurance payouts. Recruiting homeless people to stage accidents to collect big payouts. Insurance scammers are nothing if not inventive. But whether they burned down old houses they claimed…

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Get Ready for New York City’s Heat Season

New York City requires building owners to provide tenants with heat and hot water. Heat requirements go into effect during "Heat Season," while hot water must be provided year-round, 24 hours a day, at a constant minimum temperature of 120°…

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Things To Consider When Choosing Smart Home Technology

How to Choose Smart Home Technology

Thanks to technology, homes are getting smarter. From another room or from halfway across the world, an app can turn lights off and on, change the temperature, warn about a leaking pipe, or monitor the movements of a delivery person.…

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Tips On Preventing Identity Theft Online

How to Prevent Online Identity Theft

Is someone online pretending to be you when shopping or banking? Have your online identity and passwords been posted on the dark web for sale? Unfortunately, the answer is, “quite possibly.” In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission received close to…

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