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update homeowners insurance

Does Your Insurance Reflect Your Current Lifestyle?

When the COVID-19 pandemic upended people’s lives and routines, it caused many to reassess their living and work situations. Vacation homes became primary residences. Long-deferred home improvement projects moved to the front burner. And many remote workers found that they…

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fire pit safety

How to Enjoy a Backyard Fire Pit Safely

The months that homeowners most enjoy spending time outdoors are almost here. With their impending arrival, the New York City Council recently passed legislation that relaxes restrictions on open flames (including fire pits) in several zones. Whether or not you…

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preventing dog bites

4 Ways to Prevent Dog Bites and Aggressive Behavior

Pandemic pups need our help. As more owners return to daily routines outside the home, many of these pets are facing a significant disruption in their lives. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) predicts that the resulting canine stress could…

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high value item coverage

4 Steps to Insuring Collectibles & High-Value Items

Whether you collect unique items as a hobby or you own expensive jewelry or artwork, it’s important to make sure these high-value items are covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. While your policy likely provides general, limited coverage for collectibles,…

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keeping homeowners insurance updated

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Homeowners Insurance

Spring has officially arrived. Daylight Saving Time has returned—possibly for good. And as the weather turns warmer, many people are taking part in the ritual of spring cleaning. This practice often involves archiving and/or disposing of old documents, particularly as…

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increasing insurance premiums

Common Misconceptions About Insurance Premium Increases

Insurance providers look at many factors when determining what rate and coverage to offer at renewal. The inherent complexity of the insurance industry can leave property owners confused about the variables that increase their insurance premiums. Some factors will always…

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Why your homeowner’s insurance went up

Why Did My Homeowners Insurance Premiums Go Up?

You haven’t filed a claim. You haven’t built an addition or made any changes to your home. So why did your insurance premiums go up? With inflation raising the costs of many items, you may assume that’s why your premiums…

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