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Coinsurance For Building Owners

Coinsurance: What It Is & Why You Don’t Want It

A coinsurance clause typically appears in the "Conditions" section of an insurance policy. If you're short on time, here's the bottom line: you don't want it. Coinsurance can take many forms in the insurance world. The general concept is that…

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Do Landlords Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

As a landlord or building owner, do you need commercial auto insurance? You probably drive your personal vehicle for business. Or you use your car for personal use most of the time, but occasionally hitch it to a trailer to…

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Do You Need An Insurance Consultant?

Should I hire an independent insurance consultant?

When buying commercial property insurance, smart shoppers look for two things: the right coverage and the best rates. But comparing commercial insurance policies isn’t always easy. Plus, building owners don’t always know which coverages to look for or which conditions…

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Umbrella Policy For NYC Building Owners

Do you need an umbrella policy for a rainy day?

Once you've found the right commercial property coverage for your residential building, the final item you should consider is an umbrella policy, sometimes known as an excess liability policy. This type of insurance policy provides additional protection in the event…

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