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emergency kit

How to Create and Maintain an Emergency Supply Kit 

NYC Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommend that every household maintain an emergency supply kit stocked with food, water, and other basic supplies needed to survive for several days without outside help.   Most of the supplies…

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real estate carrying costs

Real Estate Carrying Costs: Are You Getting Tired?

Managing real estate investment property (i.e., being a landlord) is a business. The upside is huge, but there is also great risk, as with most businesses. It’s not just about revenues rolling in. These real costs and expenses are unavoidable…

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gutter cleaning methods

5 Ways to Clean Your Gutters Safely

Though many homeowners and building owners find cleaning their gutters once or twice a year difficult, it’s worth the effort. Gutters are one of your home or building’s primary defenses against flooding, mold growth, ice dams, and foundation damage. When…

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finding the right umbrella policy

How Umbrella Policies Complement Landlord Insurance

A business or commercial umbrella policy can supplement an existing landlord insurance policy, offering additional liability protection. This article looks at situations that umbrella policies can cover and offers guidance for identifying how much coverage you might need. (Spoiler alert:…

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tenant event ideas

9 Building Events to Help Retain Tenants

Retaining tenants is easier said than done. Tenants move out for many different reasons, and most of them (family needs, employment, etc.) lie beyond your control. But one way you can decrease tenant turnover is to help tenants feel connected…

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