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How to manage property

Best Practices in Property Management

Being a property owner and manager is similar to running almost any other business. You need to ensure profitability, protect against liability, understand the laws and regulations that govern your building, and market to your customers (in this case, tenants).…

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Mixed-Use Property Insurance

Special Considerations for Mixed-Use Property

When shopping for investment properties in the New York City area, prospective building owners often encounter mixed-use property. These buildings combine commercial and residential space, and they’re found throughout the five boroughs and the surrounding area. Mixed-use properties can range…

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brownstone brooklyn new york city

Special Considerations for Brownstone Insurance

Homeowners shopping for New York City building insurance often have special needs. This is particularly true for owners who need brownstone insurance or coverage for other pre-war buildings. The saying "They don't make 'em like they used to" definitely applies…

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rain damage coverage

Protect Your Home or Business from Rain Damage

Your home or commercial building is insured against rain and rain damage, right? If the roof leaks or the rain causes water damage for some other reason, most owners assume their policy will cover it. In reality, many property insurance…

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Do the signs point to a new New York City insurance agent?

6 Signs You Need a New Insurance Agent

Change is hard. Whether you’re considering a new insurance agent or a new hairstylist, it’s usually easier to stick with the one you have. But the one you have might be costing you—time, money or even both. After more than…

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Do you need an insurance consultant?

Should I hire an independent insurance consultant?

When buying commercial property insurance, smart shoppers look for two things: the right coverage and the best rates. But comparing commercial insurance policies isn’t always easy. Plus, building owners don’t always know which coverages to look for or which conditions…

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Frequent NYC Landlord Questions About Window Guards

Based on our site traffic, New York City requirements for window guards seem to be a hot topic for landlords. In fact, this single article has generated more questions and comments than any other. To make it easy for landlords to find…

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