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Do The Signs Point To A New New York City Insurance Agent?

6 Signs You Need a New Insurance Agent

Change is hard. Whether you’re considering a new insurance agent or a new hairstylist, it’s usually easier to stick with the one you have. But the one you have might be costing you—time, money or even both. After more than…

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Do You Need An Insurance Consultant?

Should I hire an independent insurance consultant?

When buying commercial property insurance, smart shoppers look for two things: the right coverage and the best rates. But comparing commercial insurance policies isn’t always easy. Plus, building owners don’t always know which coverages to look for or which conditions…

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Mold Prevention

A Building Owner’s Guide to Mold Prevention

With mold exposure linked to several adverse health effects and symptoms, mold prevention is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. In fact, horror stories abound of people who have been forced from their homes because of toxic mold. The…

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Landlord Responsibilities In New York City

A Guide to Landlord Responsibilities in New York City

Owners of residential apartment buildings in New York City have certain landlord responsibilities for maintenance and safety. Many of these responsibilities are outlined in multiple codes and laws, including the New York City Housing Maintenance Code (HMC) and New York…

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New York City Building Owners Risk Management

Risk Management for Building Owners

Building ownership, particularly for landlords, comes with inherent risks of loss. That’s why it’s especially important for owners of rental properties to have liability insurance as part of their risk management strategy. Beyond insurance, this article offers other best practices…

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$31M Trip-and-fall Ring Busted

FBI Breaks Up $31 Million Trip-and-Fall Ring

It’s the nightmare of most landlords and co-op and condominium boards: someone trips and falls on their property, and the legal, medical, and insurance costs skyrocket. But what if the trip-and-fall claim turns out to be bogus? Recently, the FBI…

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