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FAQs on New York City Basement Apartments

Illegal basement apartments are among the most common infractions here in New York. Based on our site traffic, many building owners and tenants have questions about the legality of basement apartments. Following are frequently asked questions concerning these subterranean spaces.…

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increasing insurance premiums

Common Misconceptions About Insurance Premium Increases

Insurance providers look at many factors when determining what rate and coverage to offer at renewal. The inherent complexity of the insurance industry can leave property owners confused about the variables that increase their insurance premiums. Some factors will always…

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NYC landlords sidewalk maintenance

Sidewalk Liability for New York City Landlords

The sidewalks around your building may belong to New York City. But the responsibility for maintenance and sidewalk liability belong to you. In fact, underwriters report that sidewalk-related injuries are the leading liability claim against New York City landlords. We’ve…

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Lower your building insurance costs

10 Ways to Lower Building Insurance Costs

When you get new insurance for your building or renew an existing policy, a representative from the insurance company will come to your building to evaluate it before setting your insurance rates. So how can you lower building insurance costs?…

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tips for winter driving

Winter Driving Safety Tips

If you started to allow 10 times more distance to stop your vehicle, you’d probably be the most cautious driver in history. The American Automobile Association (AAA) reports that stopping in icy and snowy conditions can easily take that long.…

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