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Christmas Tree Recycling Image

Christmas Tree Disposal Options for New Yorkers

As fun and festive as the holiday season tends to be, the post-holiday cleanup is never fun. And disposing of a Christmas tree is often one of the most daunting…

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Creating A Family Safety Plan

Does Your Family Have a Home Safety Checklist?

Not unlike home inventories, many people don’t think about creating and maintaining a home safety checklist. Fortunately, most of us feel safe in our homes, and we don’t spend much…

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Making A Home Inventory List

5 Steps to a Home Inventory

Do you have an up-to-date home inventory? If not, you’re not alone: According to a 2023 Insurance Information Institute (III)/Munich Re Consumer Survey, only 47% of homeowners reported having such…

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Combating Porch Pirates

How to Protect Yourself from Porch Pirates

The fanciful name hides an ever-growing crime. Porch pirates are stealing an increasing number of packages from, well, porches, stoops, vestibules, lobbies and doorsteps. In New York City alone, according…

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Holiday Fire Safety

Holiday & Winter Fire Safety Tips

The coming holiday season and winter months also bring the highest rate of home fires, a leading cause of home insurance claims. Not surprisingly, more than one-third of home fires…

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