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What Landlord Insurance Do I Need

What Insurance Does a Landlord Need?

What insurance does a landlord need? This article covers both basic landlord insurance and optional coverage you may want to consider. If you’re considering renting out your property and you’re not planning on living there, chances are, your homeowner’s insurance…

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How Much Should Landlord Insurance Cost?

For many landlords, especially first timers, the cost to insure their building may seem mysterious. Why are the costs so different from their homeowner’s policy? Why is the rate so different from the seemingly identical building next door? And, most…

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New Landlord Insurance Program Offers Free Financing

Cash flow often creates serious headaches for business owners, and landlords are no exception—especially now, when taxes and heating bills create additional strain. The ability to pay for insurance premiums over time, rather than in a lump sum, can provide…

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Building Lease Forms For Protection

Do you have the right landlord insurance?

If your building is a rental property, then a standard homeowner or building insurance policy may not offer adequate protection. That's where landlord insurance comes in. Rental properties face different risks than primary residences and are treated differently by insurance…

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Building Owner Policy Review

Will you be ready for a claim?

  Do you have the right coverage for your property? While this shouldn't come as a surprise, the time for a building insurance policy review is before you need to file a claim. That's why City Building Owners Insurance reviews each building…

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