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How to make your NYC building more insurable

How to Make Your NYC Property More Insurable

Two side-by-side buildings, seemingly identical, can have widely varying insurance premiums for many reasons. One major factor, which owners control, is how the building looks to an insurer. Taking care of your property, especially when it comes to timely maintenance,…

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The difference between insurance value and market value

The Consequences of Underinsuring Your NYC Property

Do you have the right amount of insurance coverage for your needs? From time to time, we speak with building owners in the New York City area whose properties are drastically underinsured. They pay lower premiums but receive an unpleasant…

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Tips for new landlords in New York City

11 Tips for New Landlords in the New York City Area

Good tenants—those who pay rent on time and keep rentals in good condition—are always looking for a great landlord who owns a space that meets their needs. You could be the landlord they’re searching for, regardless of your current experience…

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How to choose the right landlord insurance

Do you have the right landlord insurance?

If your building is a rental property, then a standard homeowner or building insurance policy may not offer adequate protection. That’s where landlord insurance comes in. Rental properties face different risks than primary residences and are treated differently by insurance…

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NYC Brownstone landlord covered

7 Tips for Lower Landlord Insurance, Landlord Policy Rates

Owners of apartment buildings and brownstones can lower their insurance premiums by creating a building profile for the insurance company. Simply, this document presents the building in the most favorable way, ultimately demonstrating that the property poses a relatively low…

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