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NYC Brownstone landlord covered

7 Tips for Lower Landlord Insurance, Landlord Policy Rates

Owners of apartment buildings and brownstones can lower their insurance premiums by creating a building profile for the insurance company. Simply, this document presents the building in the most favorable way, ultimately demonstrating that the property poses a relatively low…

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Why you should care about your insurance company rating

Why You Need to Know Your Insurance Company Rating

Do you know the financial rating of your insurance company? We recently had representatives of a New York City co-op approach us because someone in the building wanted to finance the unit. However, the resident was unable to secure financing…

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Home maintenance to protect against water damage

How to Protect Your Home Against Water Damage

Rain, snow and ice can be lovely to watch when they’re outside your home. But when the water comes inside? Not so much. Water damage is one of the most common homeowners’ insurance claims, second only to wind and hail…

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What to know about storms and tree damage

What You Need to Know about Storms and Tree Damage

From summer thunderstorms to tropical storms and hurricanes, Mother Nature has a way of keeping us on our toes—indoors and hoping the power stays on. Trees often provide the most visible indicator of a storm’s intensity, both during the event…

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Association directors and officers legal fees

How to Choose Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

In our litigious society, association boards and property managers need to protect themselves against legal action. Consider the following examples of actual disputes: One association board spent $1 million defending itself against a resident allegation that a special assessment was…

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Do I need insurance if I’ve paid of my mortgage?

Do Insurance Needs Change When the Mortgage Is Paid Off?

Congratulations! You’ve paid off your mortgage. Your mortgage payment probably included extra funds for property taxes and insurance. Of course, you’ll still have to pay taxes. But now that you don’t have a lender requiring insurance, can you drop your…

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fire safety quiz

Quiz: Test Your Fire Safety Knowledge

The Fire Department City of New York (FDNY) responds to more than 2,000 structural fires (those that occur in buildings) each month. Hopefully, you’ll never be involved in such an incident, but fire safety knowledge can help you be better…

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