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Tips for Landlords, Building and Home Owners

New York City Snow Removal Guidelines

A Building Owner’s Guide to New York City Snow Removal

While snowfall in recent years has been below average here in the Northeast, weather forecasters predict a snowier winter for the New York City area, thanks to El Niño. Last…

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Christmas Tree Recycling Image

Christmas Tree Disposal Options for New Yorkers

As fun and festive as the holiday season tends to be, the post-holiday cleanup is never fun. And disposing of a Christmas tree is often one of the most daunting…

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Landlord Resolutions

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Insurance Policyholders

The start of the year is a great time to think about upcoming changes and how to prepare for any unique challenges and adventures ahead. Consider making the following five…

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NYC Annual Notice Reminder

New Year Checklist for New York City Landlords

For landlords in New York City, the New Year triggers certain responsibilities—most notably, the annual notice requirement. Even for property owners outside the five boroughs, these simple tasks can provide…

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Creating A Family Safety Plan

Does Your Family Have a Home Safety Checklist?

Not unlike home inventories, many people don’t think about creating and maintaining a home safety checklist. Fortunately, most of us feel safe in our homes, and we don’t spend much…

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Making A Home Inventory List

5 Steps to a Home Inventory

Do you have an up-to-date home inventory? If not, you’re not alone: According to a 2023 Insurance Information Institute (III)/Munich Re Consumer Survey, only 47% of homeowners reported having such…

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Landlord Benefits From Eco-friendly Appliances And Green Changes

Landlord Benefits of Eco-Friendly Appliances (and Other Green Changes)

Your apartment units will eventually need new appliances. You may be tempted to replace them with garden-variety, low- to mid-priced devices to save money and keep rents low. But consider…

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Charging A Hoverboard With Fire Extinguisher Nearby

FDNY Annual Bulletin Addresses Risks of Lithium-Ion Batteries

By Thanksgiving, more than 200 structural fires related to e-bikes and other lithium-ion batteries took place in New York City. Fourteen people died and 116 were injured in these blazes,…

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Apartment Cleaning Tips

6 Pro Tips for Cleaning Apartment Units Between Tenants

Sure, when tenants move out, they are supposed to leave behind a clean apartment. But apartment building owners know the reality all too well—either nothing gets cleaned or the cleaning…

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